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Jorge Andrey Sterner is a lawyer whose specialties are renewable energies, climate change and the energy transition. In our legal consulting working group, Jorge advises on legislation and business models based on renewable energy, such as self-consumption and the electric car. Jorge has advised public entities regarding the promotion of energy transition and climate change policies. He participates along with other members of the firm in the UNEF self-consumption and PPA working groups, and also provides support to APPA’s legal working group.

He plays an active role in the preparation of substantive litigation that the firm handles in the name of thousands of renewable energy producers. He forms part of our corporate communication team, informing our clients on the progress of their cases as well as maintaining sections of our blog.

Also, Jorge frequently works alongside our M&A team regarding regulatory questions, for example in the preparation of litigation clauses in contracts and the assignment of credit rights derived from litigation.

Jorge’s mother tongue is Spanish and he is professionally fluent in German and English along with a working knowledge of French and Catalan. After graduating with a double degree in law and political sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid, he expanded his technical knowledge of the sector through undertaking the course Technology, Implementation and Profitability of Renewable Energies at the Fernshule Weber school, completing his studies with a masters degree in Politics and Environmental Planning at the Technical University of Berlin.

His career has been closely linked to renewable energies and sustainability for years. After completing an internship in public contracting at the Tres Cantos Council (Madrid) he moved to Berlin, where he worked for a number of years for companies dedicated to the development of renewable energy projects at an international level.