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David Diego is a corporate lawyer with an emphasis on the electric sector and renewable energies. His professional activity is centered on corporate contracting, M&A transactions and collective and participative financing.

David holds a degree in business administration and management from the University of Cantabria, undertaking the final year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. After finishing his financial studies he obtained a law degree from the University of Granada, combining his final semester with an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. He then went on to complete a masters in Legal Practice from the University of Barcelona, combining his studies with an internship at a boutique legal firm in Barcelona specializing in bankruptcy and commercial law.

David speaks Spanish at a native level and English at a business level. He has a working knowledge of French and Catalan.

David is a determined lawyer who, in addition to M&A transactions, has experience in the defense of minority shareholder interests, advising crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms, the establishment and liquidation of companies, the preparation of due diligence reports, litigation against abusive contractual terms and, more generally, in a wide array of questions that affect all types of companies.