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Different members of the European Commission and numerous members of the European Parliament have shown signs of dismay and discomfort at how the Spanish government is violating different EU directives, is threatening renewables and shows no signs of political will to implement measures of energy saving and efficiency, as per complaints made in Brussels by the Platform for a New Energy Model and APPA. 

The visit by the joint parties of the Platform for a New Energy Model and APPA has struck a chord with members of the  European Commission such as Niels Ladefoged (Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Hedegaard - Climate Action) who confirmed that he was very worried by the lack of plans and decision-making needed by Spain for them, beyond the inheritance received by previous governments, to be able to fulfill their commitments against climate change. 

For her part, Marie Donnelly (Director of Renewables of the European Commission) has also shown her deep preoccupation for the lack of a safety mechanism in place against the continuous expropriation to which many Spanish families who have invested their savings in renewable energy projects have been subjected.  J. Romakkaniemi (Cabinet of the European Commission), has also shown a deep concern about the potential economic impact from dismantling renewables in Spain and has asked the members of the Spanish delegation for more information with regard to this. 

APPA and the Platform for a New Energy Model also met with members of the Cabinet of the European Commission for Competition, who has confirmed that they are ready to study in great detail the complaints that the Platform has begun to process in favor of a new energy model.  

The work of the delegation was reinforced by multiple meetings held with different Parliament groups, such as the Social Democrats, represented by MEPs Teresa Riera, Andrés Perelló and Vicent Garcés; the Liberals, with MEP Izaskun Bilbao; the Greens, with Raúl Romeva, Claude Turmes, Rebecca Harms´ assistant and Vula Tsetsi (Secretary General); the group European United Left, with their consultant Elvira Hernández and José Criado, assistant to Willy Meyer, as well as the UPD, represented by Verónica Santamaría, assistant to Francisco Sosa Wagner. 

According to different members of the Spanish delegation, these meetings have solidified a frame of collaboration which will push measures in defense of a new energy model and the renewables sector. The delegation, which benefitted from the support of Som Energia, was advised and accompanied by the lawyers Holtrop S.L.P., who are members of, and volunteers for, the Platform.  

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Jaume Margarit (APPA): http://www.appa.es/

Cote Romero (Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético): http://www.nuevomodeloenergetico.org