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The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs organises on Wednesday, December 16th a small meeting about the current political events in Spain. Together with several company representatives, think tanks and other distinguished personalities we wish to discuss the opportunities and challenges that Spain is currently facing. We will start the meeting with a presentation on the upcoming national elections by the former correspondent Merijn de Waal (now editor at the Dutch newspaper NRC), followed by a presentation on Spain's energy policy by Anna Herranz-Surrallés (University of Maastricht). After that we will enter into a discussion with a panel on the opportunities and challenges for Spain in the coming years, including the political uncertainty in Catalonia. Léon Cornelissen (Chief Economist at Robeco), Maartje Wijffelaars (Risk Analyst at Rabobank) and Piet Holtrop (HOLTROP S.L.P Transaction & Business Law) have already confirmed their participation in the panel.

We would like to invite Dutch companies and entrepreneurs operating in Spain to attend the meeting. The programme starts on Wednesday, December 16th at 10:30 am and finishes at 1:30 pm (including lunch). For more information on how to participate, please contact Amanda Molenaar, by email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at: +31 70 348 6875.